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Hi , my name is Katya

I help  everyday women discover and embrace the sexy, confident and drop dead gorgeous woman within herself.  

The woman within is strong, bold, fearless, powerful and  unapologetic. The woman

within does not take no for an answer, she is unstoppable, she is rebellious. Sometimes she might hide inside of a shell of shyness and insecurity, but we both know she is there, your true woman, sitting inside, waiting to be discovered, so she can finally bloom into a wonderful flower.

I have been there, I know how it feels to hold back. I know how it feels to wish you looked like one of those magazine cover types, but guess what? I bring the image worthy of a magazine cover out of you. There are no limits. There is only trust between us  and trust your inner woman to come out and shine. I only work with everyday women like you and me. No matter size, shape and color, here in the studio everyone bathes in the flow of an absolute love and peace, with how we look. You are beautiful inside and out and I want to prove it to you.

I want  to give you a  gift of self love and show you how beautiful you are inside and out. I know how to bring your beauty forward and make it shine on camera.  You deserve to be pampered, you deserve to feel beautiful, you deserve this experience to remember. And after one amazing day of self love  you will keep your heirloom portraits of yourself as a reminder of a goddess within. Everyday you get ready, you will look at your wall portrait and you will channel that goddess. And how is that to start your day right?

I invite you to come and have your intimate portraits taken with Boiling Boint Boudoir team. Your portraits will be a masterpiece and celebration of you. I want you to re-discover again and again how fearless, unapologetic and infinitely sexy you are.


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