Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you guys located at?

We are near the Town Center in VA Beach within LOVEGODESSS WOMENS STUDIO at 116 S Independence Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA, 757-204-1703. While we do not take incoming calls live, we promptly respond to text messages and voicemails, scheduling times to connect.

What do your boudoir sessions include?

Our boudoir sessions offer a luxurious pampering experience, featuring hair and makeup, personalized Zoom clothing consultations, guided photo sessions, and appointments for selecting images for your stunning wall art or boudoir book. You can view our portfolio at

How much do women typically invest in a boudoir session?

As this is a tailored experience, clients invest at various levels based on their preferences. Our session fee is $650, covering the production process of the artwork, with photography products sold separately, starting at $1050.

Does it include makeup and hair?

Yes! We collaborate with the finest hair and makeup artists in the area. You can choose full glam to soft natural makeup, and vintage style curls and beach waves to silky straight hair.

Do I need to bring my own outfits?

Yes, you will need to bring your own outfits and intimates. During our Brainstorming Consultation Zoom, we will help you select what to purchase or dig out of your closet. However, a studio perk we have on location is our studio closet, we provide shoes ranging from sizes 6 to 12 in women’s, cover-ups, and a variety of accessories for you to borrow for your session.

Am I too old to be photographed?

Absolutely not! We photograph women of all ages, including those in their 70s. Sexy knows no age limit.

Do I need to be skinny?

This question makes us so mad! Definitely not. There’s no body type requirement for a boudoir session. Our goal is to celebrate and capture your unique beauty and confidence regardless of body type.

Are photo products included?

No, like any artwork, there is an additional charge beyond the session fee. Your beautiful artwork starts at $1050. Remember, YOU are worth the investment in these timeless pieces.

What is included in the session fee?

The session fee includes the hair and makeup experience, Zoom consultations with our wonderful team of client guides, the studio and skilled photographer’s time, and your one-on-one viewing appointment where you select your images and go through each individual image until you’ve made your decisions on what images you want!

Why do women usually do a boudoir session?

There are the normal reasons, like anniversary gifts, wedding gifts, and birthday gifts. Some celebrate milestones, such as weight loss or a very important birthday, divorce, or retirement. Some women want to document their beauty and femininity. But what we mostly hear is women wanting to get “her” back. That beautiful, sexy woman before kids and life changes.

What does a boudoir session help women achieve?

The primary motivation behind our approach is deeply rooted in our own experiences as women. Each of us has faced our own set of challenges in life, yet we’ve managed to overcome them while still embracing our individuality, optimism, ambitious dreams, confidence, and beauty.

For us, conducting Boudoir sessions transcends the mere act of taking photographs; it’s a profound, transformative journey. Your session isn’t just about creating artwork; it’s about reconnecting with your inner LOVEGODESSS, perhaps for the first time ever. You’re not just a mother or a wife — you’re a Goddess, and our LOVEGODESSS Boudoir Experience is designed to unveil that truth.

Many women experience overwhelming emotions upon seeing their images, often shedding tears at the sight of their own beauty, sometimes for the very first time. We facilitate this transformation; we change lives.

And oh, the confidence! Through our sessions, you’ll learn to embrace every aspect of your body, imperfections included. As you behold your images, you’ll marvel at just how stunning you truly are.

Participating in a boudoir session with us means more than just capturing moments; it means acquiring exquisite pieces of artwork that serve as daily reminders of your true essence. With each glance, you’ll affirm, “I am her, and she is me.” Together, we embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

How long is the boudoir session?

We do require you to dedicate one whole day to this. Our session experiences range from 4 to 8 hours from start to finish. However, we know that you’ll want to take yourself on a hot date afterward, so keep your evening free!

What are other benefits?

  1. Boost your confidence
  2. Have an experience of being pampered
  3. Decorate walls with the most amazing art pieces – yourself
  4. Get lots of compliments from partners. (Who doesn’t like that)
  5. Start a transformational experience to a new women you want to become
  6. Highlight the side of yourself no-one ever sees in you
  7. Give yourself an excuse to dress up and feel beautiful
  8. Give yourself a gift of  doing something for yourself
  9. Channel in and uncover the most beautiful woman within yourself

Can I come in if I live more than 2 hours away?

Absolutely. We have earned the reputation of being the best boudoir studio in Virginia and we have clients coming from towns located 5 hours like DC, Baltimore, New York, and further. We have clients flying in from California and Ohio. The best part because we are conveniently located near a major airport right on the beach you can make a vacation or a weekend getaway out of it!



We are so excited you are ready for your own boudoir experience! Our team is buzzing with anticipation to start creating this memorable day for you! The next step is to use self self-scheduling link to setup a call with our team so they answer all questions about how boudoir sessions work and give you more details on pricing. If all sounds amazing we will select a date on the calendar for you and get you set up for your session. Use the button below to schedule your free consultation. Alternatively, if you have a quick question drop us a line using the message form below and we will get back to you within 2 business days.

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