Roxanne Said 

Something that really stood out to me throughout the entire experience was that it was personal. From the very first phone call with Victoria through the image selection process, it was all about what I wanted to accomplish with the session. I felt I was the main focus, which was lovely.

A boudoir session with Katya and Boiling Point Boudoir is a transformative experience that I can’t recommend highly enough. It allows you the space to be your full self and have that captured in beautiful images. Seeing yourself in this way is a reminder of who you are and what you have to offer and the albums and photos document that so you can go back to it anytime you need to refresh that mindset. I plan to do a session in the future, but would urge anyone thinking about it not to wait. Capture who you are now, you don’t get the time back.

Jennifer Said

There were many times during that day that emotions took over and I felt like I wanted to cry. I had to face my inner demons head on. Those demons being.. am I pretty enough to do this? Should I really be doing this? I don’t have a body shape like the women in magazines. What if the pictures don’t turn out and I wasted her time?? I could go on and on, but everything stemmed back to- am I enough?


I faced those demons eye to eye and I had to overcome them in the moment. (Plus I couldn’t let myself shed one tear because the make up would get ruined!) As the day went on the awkwardness that I was feeling from questioning myself slowly disappeared and I was able to have fun. She made me feel at ease and was so patient while guiding me into different poses and positions. I actually felt comfortable in my own skin.


Last night, she revealed the photos to me for the first time and I was speechless. I felt so many emotions and held back tears. The photos were beautiful. I looked beautiful. I didn’t know what to say because I have never seen myself in that ‘beautiful’ light.


My 14 year old daughter saw them as well and she floored me. She said that I looked beautiful and that she saw me differently. (We all know teens are quick to criticize, especially daughters to their mothers!) Hearing her say that went straight to my heart and I will never forget the look on my daughter’s face as she said the kindest words to me last night before she went to bed.

Judy Said 


When you live your life in a male environment, which I’ve lived 28 years in it, in the military, you tend to take on this persona of combat boots and work uniform. And so that’s all you wear, that’s all you live in, that’s all you do. You don’t feel special. You don’t feel like a woman because you don’t get to always get your nails done or you don’t always get to get your hair done. And so having this kind of brought back that self… “Oh, I guess I still am a woman a little bit.”

Heather Said

First off , There isn’t enough stars!!!! I’m still spinning from excitement just from the preview of my images can’t wait!!! The Boiling point boudoir team was completely amazing! Even from the first phone call. They all did their part to get me ready for this very special “me” day. Shaelynn made me unbelievably beautiful With my hair and makeup and Katya made me very comfortable from the second I met her, you are the focus and it shows. She has such a positive attitude it was so contagious.

I wanted to do this session for my husband but i realized it was all for me .

With 4 kids and a husband I forgot completely how important self love is I needed this! It such a empowering experience, I would definitely do it again . It should be on every women’s bucket list I totally recommend Katya Melvin.

Melody said 

I had an amazing experience with Katya and her team! They made me feel so comfortable and beautiful during my session. Katya is a a lot of fun to work with and she really knows what she’s doing. My pictures came out BEAUTIFUL! I could not have asked for a better turn out. I will absolutely recommend her for anyone looking for boudoir photography!

Osanne Said

I always wanted to do a boudoir session, in particular I wanted to do it for my 30th birthday to just accept and love myself. However, I didn’t so fast-forward several years later Boiling Point Boudoir popped up on my FB feed (those algorithms). I decided to look into it, but weighed cost against my desire and waited. Then Katya ran a special and I booked it. I was very nervous, would I look good, would the makeup artist be able to capture my skin tone, lots of nerves. BUT, everything was great. Katya herself called and did the initial consultation. Then Victoria called twice again to guide you to great places to purchase items, and walk you through the day. Still on the day of the shoot I was super nervous, again wondering how my body, outfits, everything would go. NONE of my fears came true, NOT ONE!

From the make-up artist who listened to my needs, talked to me the whole time, to Heather, then to Katya herself! Getting made up, Shaelynn even listened and incorporated my favorite colour purple in the shades, which was a delightful surprise!! Then she helped me get my hair vision together and made it so much fun.

Katya takes time after you are all made up and all dressed up, to sit and carefully tell you what would be happening, listens to your concerns, and then guides you through the shoot. She really took her time with me, making me feel at ease to the point that I forgot to be nervous and just enjoyed the poses and process. Then the pictures!!! I wanted to buy them all. She really has a talent for finding the person you have hidden away, and bringing them to the forefront. I have not felt so beautiful in years, and I have not SEEN my beauty for years.

I MUST do this again, I will do this again, I cannot imagine taking photos with another photographer now that I had a session with Katya!! I cannot recommend her highly enough!!!!

Beth Said

I am a single mom and always wanted to feel ah-mazing in my post-kid body, you know, new curves and tiger stripes and all. I was always interested in boudoir. It felt right. This was going to be time for ME to shine. Time to put myself first. The hair and makeup were amazing! Favorite part was how comfortable Katya and Shae made me feel right off the bat. Katya took the lead, took time to get to know me, assisted with faces and poses and made me look like a model. Biggest fear going in was that I wouldn’t like any photos! Of course this never came true and I ended up ordering way more than I expect! Shae really helped to relax me, chatting away, while she did my hair and makeup. Since my session I am definitely more confident again and loving this body. Can’t wait to do another session and tell everyone I know to do a session with Katya!