Updated 11/25/21

Our team is rapidly growing and we are always on a lookout for a new talent to join our high vibe girls only team! We are passionate about female empowerment, sexuality, spirituality. Our purpose and our mission is to make massive impact on women nationwide and change their lives by guiding them to step into their power by embracing their Godesss within. We are a Feminine Rising movement. The power is now in womens’ hands, guided by passion, love, purpose and mission to awken sisters.

We are only accepting team members who are

1. passionate about our feminine rising mission

2. passionate working within and through feminine sexuality

3. highly committed

4. high vibe only ( we do not tolerate drama or excuses )

5. spiritually inclined

6. ready to put not only hours, but most importantly SOUL into the work

7. ready to be called an Angel because Angels we are

Immediate Openings

Phone Call Associate

Work From Home

Part Time

Prefer Mon-Fri 3 or so hours a day, you will have flexibility to chose your own depending on your availability.

Responsibilities include Interact with clients by phone, learn about why our clients want to do boudoir session or coaching, advice on clothing for the session, selecting time and date on the calendar. Past clients preffered, but will consider a non client. Please fill out an application below.

Position Opening Soon – Photographer / Client Relations Assistant

On Location. Looking for zero to basic knowlege of photography and equipment. This candidate must be ready and eager to put in time and effort to go through rigorous training and embody our photography style. Please do not apply if you are an established photographer already. We provide equipment and training. We are mainly looking for personality match.

Responcibility will include working with assigned clients and performing 2 consultations with the clients who will be assigned to a photographer.

Phtographer/Client Relations Assistant performs clothing and product consultations with clients, accepts, tracks and processess payments, follows up with clients, performs occasional in home design appointments.

  1. Bubbly and friendly
  2. On time
  3. Organized
  4. Can lead and direct session
  5. Will be committed to training
  6. High Vibe Team Player

If you believe you are a right candidate please apply below

Social Selling Team

Part time. Work from Home. Hourly and Comission Based. Social seller is a divine messenger. Perfect Candidate for social selling is an online butterfly with an established and trusted following. Responsibilities include spreading the message in online space and make social media posts in order to attract clients interested in what we do. Once client inquires on more information guide the client gently on the steps of the process towards phone call, webinar or free training. We give the blueprint and training on this system.

Recently Filled/ Digital Marketing Assistant

Work From Home

Part Time

Work from home. Digital Marketing Assistant follows marketing schedules for launches, promotions, oversees creation of landing pages and payment buttons by web developers, making sure all pages, systems, links work, sends videos for editing, uploads videos and images to social media sites, oversees and uploads podcasts, creates blog posts and follows SEO optimization, hashtag optimizations, oversees and corrects captions produced by social media scheduling assistant, performs social media networking outreach and welcome messages to vip group. Digital Marketing Assistant also performs virtual asissting work on as needed basis.

Recently Filled / Social Media Creative Content Assistant

Work On Location and From Home

Part Time

Flexible traveling to studio, different locations and Grandy NC is requied. You have ton’s of creative ideas? Love making Tik Tok videos. We need you. You will be required to create a number of videos for our social media channels as well as our app on the consistent and ongoing basis. Responsibilities include recording, editing and uploading videos to our channels and our app. Additional responsibilities include virtual and on location asissting work on as needed basis. Will train.

Future openings. Accepting applications.

We train for all positions.

Production Assistant

On Location. Production assistant oversees the flow of a photo session, assists a photographer in holding equipment and moving lights, uploads images into software and prepares for viewing, goes over selection process with the client and performs sales, paperwork signing, product design and ordering, minor image color corrections.

If you believe you are a right candidate please apply below

Operations Assistant

Operations Assistant helps oversee the enire process and team working together. Operations assistant is responsible for team communication and training, payroll, cross check client payments, performs hiring and team training, steps in when help is needed. Operations assistant organizes team schedules and oversees event planning process, set design processs, product production porcess, client aquisition process, client management process. Operations assistant’s job is to make sure everything in the company is running smoothly.

If you believe you are a right candidate please apply below

Dance, Yoga and Similar Instructors for upcoming Lovegodesss Women’s Center

If you are an instructor of any kind and have a skill to teach women, don’t hesitate to apply.

We specifically looking for Hip Hop Dance Instructor, Pole Dance Instructor, Heel Dance Instructor, Chair Dance Instructor, Burlesque Dance Instructor, Kundalinin Dance Instructor, Yoga Instructor, Tantra Coaches, Makeup and Hair Instructor, Personal Stylist, Meditation Facilitator.

Transformational Coach

We are looking for coaches to work alongside Lovegodesss journey to facilitate transformation for our students.