Women come in to me to me to rediscover themselves through a boudoir session. Some may not have had any intimate portraits done and this is a way to do something different and step out of their comfort zone. Some want to finally see themselves beautiful again. Some want to give their partners a gift of themselves. Some use it and a declaration of a new you. Some just have it done because they simply deserve to experience of a lifetime.

What women get back in return is a full day of self love and pampering along with a album of gorgeous images to keep as a reminder of how beautiful they are. CONFIDENCE BOOST and EMPOWERMENT is  direct result of doing  boudoir session. I truly believe that every woman deserves to have at least one boudoir session in her life.

Beautiful Wall Art

While majority of our boudoir clients prefer to stay private and get a private album  as a keepsake to keep for themselves or as a gift to their partners. Some of our clients love the metals to put on their wall in the bedroom, or master bathroom or their walk-in closet.

Have you given a thought to how you want to display your images from your session?

I like  starting with this question first, because it will determine the outcome. Let’s say you fell in love with the idea of having your metal portrait above your king size bed in the master bedroom. You share your idea with me and we start planning on whether this one beautiful shot that we are aiming to get is anonymous, is it in black and white, does it color coordinates with the decor in your bedroom? That gives us some planning time.

If you don’t yet know what you want to do with your images, that is okay. You will make your final selections in the end and don’t need to decide until our ordering appointment and after you have seen the beautiful line of luxurious products that we offer in  our boutique photography studio.

Here are just a few ideas that we offer: framed canvases, framed metals and framed matted portraits. The photos that don’t go on the wall go in the Heirloom Album or in a Gorgeous Folio Box. That is why meeting in person and seeing the products is very important during our planning consultation.

Consultation and Studio Visit

Your experience starts with a complementary consultation in studio or over the phone. I want to hear your ideas and brainstorm together. That is a great way for us to find out whether we are a good fit. It is important for many reasons, one of them – you simply want to feel comfortable working with me and let me guide you through your session.

The next step after that, I will invite you to visit my studio. We will discuss your clothing choices, ideas for your session and mood that you want your session to translate into your photos in more detail. I will go over our wall art options and we can start designing your session around what you had in mind.

Makeover and Session

On the day of the photo session your make up artist will highlight the best of your features and will style your hair to complement the look. During our session I will guide you actively through posing and show you exactly on how I want you to stand or lay.  Don’t worry if you are feeling that you don’t know how to pose  and don’t know what to do in front of camera. It is my job to direct you with ease, so you will open up and that gorgeous  woman comes out from within.

And by the way, make sure to book yourself  a night out, because you will look and feel gorgeous.


After the session  I invite you for your ordering appointment at my studio where you will see your images for the first time and pick best ones that you would love to purchase. Chosen images will be  professionally retouched.

It is my job as a photographer, though, to knock you off your feet with beautiful imagery, so you want to cherish your heirloom portraits and pass it on to your family.

For more information on our photography sessions, please fill out session design form following the link below to get more information on our sessions, what goes into creating a session for you and the  price range for our line of custom products.

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