Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to have my boudoir portraits taken now?

I truly believe that a woman should be photographed at each  stage of her life. You are changing through your life cycle and it shows in your eyes, your attitude towards life and it translates into your portrait as well.   We will never be able to bring that moment back, but we can preserve it. The question you need to ask yourself in not now then WHEN?

What ages do you photograph?

I photograph women ages 21-60+. I believe each woman  is beautiful  no matter what age. Each phase of our life is beautiful and deserves attention.

What is the most important reason to have my intimate portraits taken by you?

I will create sensual intimate portraits   by discovering and  bringing  forward best parts of your body  and inner beauty, make it  shine through your eyes. I have the skill, experience and the most important you have my promise and trust that I will deliver the images worthy of a cover.

Why are you so passionate about women's portraits?

The main reason is because I am a woman myself and had my share of obstacles in life that I have learned to overcome and still preserve my personality, optimism, big dreams, confidence and beauty. After having a son it has become so easy to forget about my own self worth and beauty. I have made it my mission to show women that we don’t have to sacrifice ourselves and still be those women that we once adored.


I help an everyday woman  discover and embrace  the sexy, confident and drop dead gorgeous  woman  within herself.

What are main problems that women are facing at different stages in life?

I have actually decided to give this one a thought, so I could offer solutions. Here is my list.

  1. Lack of self love and time for themselves, lack of  confidence, empowerment, finding self love.  Women are busy. Women are being  mothers, wives, business owners and career minded women. 

My solution to that is One of a Kind Experience.

I give women a gift of a day of self love and pampering and an excuse to celebrate themselves. It’s an act of indulgence,  overall there is nothing bad with gifting a little time to yourself.

  1. Women either stuck in their current life situation or coming on to a new chapter in their life and in need of personal and mental transformational experience.

I give these women a gift of self reassurance, a confidence boost, empowerment, show them their beauty in and out. When they come to me they might feel that they are not pretty enough, not skinny enough, not  sexy enough and  I make them feel that they are more than enough and more. I uncover that amazing woman within.

What are other benefits?

  1. Boost your confidence
  2. Have an experience of being pampered
  3. Decorate walls with the most amazing art pieces – yourself
  4. Get lots of compliments from partners. (Who doesn’t like that)
  5. Start a transformational experience to a new women you want to become
  6. Highlight the side of yourself no-one ever sees in you
  7. Give yourself an excuse to dress up and feel beautiful
  8. Give yourself a gift of  doing something for yourself
  9. Channel in and uncover the most beautiful woman within yourself

Do you only photograph women?

Women are my primary focus. I do photograph men as well as couples.

What makes you stand out?

Mainly the very personable service. Once you are in my studio you will feel like you are the only client I have instead of feeling like you are one of many. That will make you feel special. A lot of times our clients stay our friends for life because of the level of care they receive in our studio. It is the experience and ease of working with us, quality and professionalism at every step. And I am not even talking about  the amazing and unique studio location. Where else would you find historical industrial location. It’s the total package that makes us stand out.

Who is present at a session?

For your studio session  – your make up artist. She might  also assist us at your session. I may have an occasional assistant.  If you want to request minimum personnel than please let me know in advance.

What if I am not pretty or skinny enough?

Well if you read this far, I have already touched this subject. But to elaborate a little further, I will show you that you don’t need to be skinny or pretty to be beautiful. You are enough. On top of that posing techniques, clothing, cropping and post production can do some magic and I will help you through that every step of the way.

How do I pick outfits?

I will guide you through the process of selecting your clothes during our in studio consultation. I have some options available through my in studio closet, you can shop for your clothes at your favorite boutiques or vintage stores based on the guidelines that I will give you for layers, textures and accessories. There are a number of options for outfits. I usually ask you to bring 5 options with you for different looks.

What if I don't know how to pose?

It’s totally fine, I don’t expect you to. I actively guide you through a posing flow, so you don’t have to stress about it.

What if I am not comfortable in front of camera?

I am usually not comfortable in front of camera too, so it is not uncommon.  When no one tells me what to do. I have no clue how I look in camera, even despite the fact that I know the rules of posing. I also think that I need to lose a few pounds and  I don’t like myself in pictures. However, there are a few photographers out there who I had a privilege of working with. What they do differently – they direct me on my posing and pictures come out so good, even I am surprised and liking the result.  It’s about proper direction, and it is my job to direct you, so leave it up to me and I promise you will not even notice the camera. What you will remember is  having fun with me as a result.

How far in advance do I need to book?

Preferably as soon as you decided you want to have a session with me. Right now 2 months in advance is a good place to start.

Where are sessions taking place?

Majority of my sessions are taking place at my studio in Norfolk, VA. The old bakery warehouse that my studio is situated at  offers multiple industrial locations for us to use as well. I have an access to a  number of rental studios if needed. Your home can also be used if desired. Weather permitting  outdoor locations are great too.

What is included in destination session?

The only difference between local and destination session is that the client will be responsible for photographer’s travel expenses, studio rental if needed, all quoted on case by case basis.  I can bring my makeup artist with me or I can work with a professional from the area.

What products do you offer?

Wall Portrait sizes  16×20, 24 x30 and 30×40 (Custom sizes availibe) in three presentations:

Modern : Framed Metal

Classic:  Framed Matted Print

Traditional: Framed Canvas

Gallery 9 is a collection of 9 images


Image collections: Choice of Folio Boxes with Matted Portraits for individual display or Heirloom Albums.

Do you offer digital images?

Digital images can be purchased separately or added on top of an image collection.

How long is it for my images to be edited?

We schedule your reveal immediately or on the same day and selected images get fully retouched by our team within 1 week.

Can I request additional retouching if I find something I want to correct on the photo?

Yes, if additional work is needed for the print that you will be purchasing, there is no additional charge for additional retouching.

What cannot be changed in photos?

  • Expression
  • Overhighlights
  • Clothing
  • Poses

Why did you become a photographer?

I was pregnant with my first son when at 36 weeks gestation I discovered that his heart stopped beating. I did not have good photos of him, so since that moment I promised to myself to document every day of my new son’s life with my camera.

What other services do you offer other than photography?

Life coaching consultations in person or over Skype for women entrepreners who are scared to take the first step to change their life or follow their dreams.

Mentoring for portrait photographers otside 200  mile radius from the zip code 27965.

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