Boudoir Session. What is your excuse?

Boudoir Session. What is your excuse?

Oh how many excuses we create to believe that we are not enough. What’s your excuse? Let’s punch each one of those in the face.

Women tell me I’m not skinny enough or I’m not curvy enough. In fact if you ask a girl in the street if she thinks that she’s beautiful she is going to tell you know. That’s just a fact. But let’s go beyond that. Let’s talk about this from approved photography perspective. Photography is two-dimensional. That allows that is to manipulate and use visual illusions and angles to show you in the best light possible. That’s why we incorporate poses to bring attention to your best parts that highlight you. And anyway if we ever waited for the perfect moment when we are in the perfect weight and the perfect time will would never get anything done. So let’s move past that excuse.


Feeling shy and awkward being open and naked in front of someone else. That is why I am taking the time to get to know you right now so we develop a relationship already so when you go into your session you can trust me. Usually at my normal consultations I spend numerous touch points that with the client so they are comfortable working with me. So with that little talk that I’m having today I want you to develop the confidence that you are in the right hands. Also you will see me doing the poses and it’s gonna look so awkward that they can any sense of awkwardness gonna go away it’s just a lot of fun altogether.


Another excuse people told me they don’t deserve a session for themselves. Who are they to have that entire experience to themselves. And that is why you need to do this. We women leave our lives for someone else when we meet our husbands we take care of them when we have children with day care for children and there is barely any time that we leave for ourselves. This is  a love experience to yourself. And that is so important for you to have. And here’s why if you don’t love yourself. Other people will not love you. I know it sounds crazy but everything that we have or don’t in our life is coming from the inside of us. And so we think we don’t control things in our lives but on the other hand if we change what we think or are attitude to word something we change our life so we do have control of our lives. So if someone treats themselves badly and not values themselves do you feel like you cannot give them more value than they give themselves that’s just something to think about.


I’m too old. Honestly I have photographed women from age 20 to age 60 and a new paragraph. And honestly this is what I can tell when we are in my 20s we have a lot of insecurities the older we get the more strength we have. So the most beautiful photographs are the women who are in their 50s and 60s and 40s because they know the worth. They embrace it. Confidence shines through the roof. And that is so contagious. And so freaking beautiful. So that is absolutely not an excuse


Don’t have sexy lingerie. Well that is definitely a lame excuse you can always go get some. But honestly if you don’t wear sexy lingerie and if it’s not your thing then probably you should not go in by yourself sexy lingerie and just use pieces that represents you. So whether it’s flannel shirt or or cute summer dress or a bra or a jacket.


Don’t have anyone to give the photos to. And guess what my answer is. You do. And it’s you. Boudoir experiences mainly for you. And if some women say that it’s for their husbands and boyfriends and that’s great however deep down they know it is really for them to have this amazing day of pampering and day of empowerment where that will get to see how beautiful they are and that will stay with them for the rest of their life.


Spending money on themselves. Some women feel weird about spending money on themselves. Especially if you are the kind that has other responsibilities such as kids or family and all we are and we usually give that to our loved ones. However look at it from an investment perspective. This is an investment into your personal growth your confidence. What you will carry from this experience is far beyond any materialistic things that we can buy. You will be part of you that will stay with you for the rest of your life not talking about .

Think of the future when you are looking back at your pictures and find your awesome photographs. “Honey, I used to be that hot girl, remember?”How amazing would that be?

Another excuse my spouse wouldn’t approve. Really? Come on now.


Some women say I don’t know how to be sexy. And guess what they are the most drastic transformations ever. And then you put a picture before picture and right but decided one of her boudoir pictures and you go. That is when it blows your mind. Believe me every single woman, it’s in her nature to be sexy. It’s different kind of sexy that applies to each woman. And will talk about it however there is no such thing as not being sexy.


There are some women that are afraid that their pictures will get on the in that everyone else will see their pictures. I’m actually I got emails from some of you asking about the privacy of the pictures and I want to make sure spends a little bit of time of that your pictures are safe with me. We do not share the pictures unless you allow give us a certain level off sharing rights. And if you don’t give us any sharing rights we will keep them absolutely private. Another thing I have heard that some other photographers were doing digital online galleries now have been hacked and the pictures are on pornographic sites. I don’t do online galleries I meet with people in person.


Not photogenic. In my experience I have not met the women woman who was not photogenic. And so I have built that belief that there is no such thing as being photogenic. It all depends on poses, angle, and lighting.

Any other excuses you can think of. Challenge me. Write me what excuse you have and I will add that excuse on here.

You deserve this session. Period. Everything else is just a negative self talk. Click on the Contact the studio form to get your session on the books.