Godesss P. Learned to Prioritize Time for Herself

Godesss P. Learned to Prioritize Time for Herself

When Godesss P realized that she was taking care of everyone around her and getting exhausted to the point where she would get migraines, she decided it was time for a boudoir session in order to spend some one-on-one time with herself. When she got up in the morning, her first thought was to take care of business immediately instead of giving herself time to do her hair and makeup before leaving home. She was looking forward to the pampering and inspiration she would get from our boudoir session, which was a step towards feeling more confident about herself.

She said that seeing herself in the mirror after having her hair and makeup done was one of the most breathtaking moments in her life. She was worried that she would look like a “hot mess”, but being styled by a professional made a difference. She was about to cry happy tears because she was overjoyed at the way she saw herself and the way it made her feel.

She felt nervous before her boudoir session, but she loved that we made things fun and had lots of laughter during her session, which put her at ease. Having the zoom consultations before her session also made her feel more comfortable before coming to our studio, and she felt like she knew everyone before she even set foot in our studio.

She felt empowered, beautiful, and confident after her session, and she realized that boudoir sessions are for everyone. She now wants to share this experience with other women so they can feel the same way too!