Judie’s Session

BPB. All right beautiful. Tell me who you are.

J. I’m Judy Messenger.

BPB. And what did we just do?

J. A fabulous boudoir session.

BPB. Yes. Awesome. Remember how you shared the story with me? Why you wanted to do boudoir session. Tell me a little bit more about it. Why did you feel that having a boudoir session would help you?

J. When you live your life in a male environment, which I’ve lived 28 years in it, in the military, you tend to take on this persona of combat boots and work uniform. And so that’s all you wear, that’s all you live in, that’s all you do. You don’t feel special. You don’t feel like a woman because you don’t get to always get your nails done or you don’t always get to get your hair done. And so having this kind of brought back that self… “Oh, I guess I still am a woman a little bit.”

BPB. The feminine side. Did you think it wasn’t there anymore? Or did you feel like no, it’s there I just need to reconnect with it?

J. Well, I don’t really think that I’ve ever really felt sexy. I’m not that sexy person, I’ve always been the tomboy. So for me, it was like I kind of wanted to find it. I had low self-esteem and that what I was lacking too, so I wanted to bring back my self-esteem, but to actually… I never really felt feminine like feminine.

BPB. Yeah. So did you see that feminine side to you after a photo session?

J. Yes.

BPB. Yes. Did you do it for yourself or for your husband?

J. I did it for me. It’s a two part thing. First part’s for me and then to bring back that self-esteem and to just kind of make me feel like a woman again. And then the second part is for him, so that he can enjoy it. He reaps the benefits of it.

BPB. Awesome. What were your biggest fears going into photo session?

J. Just being vulnerable kind of. I’m very modest, so I don’t wear any lingerie really or nothing like that. So it was just being vulnerable enough to wear it.

BPB. Did you feel like it was hard for you to pick lingerie when you were getting ready?

J. Oh, yes. Very much so. Because I was like, “Oh, I won’t look good in that or I won’t look good in that.”

BPB. What made you decide on your selections for the outfits that you brought today?

J. Color.

BPB. Color. All right!

J. I was opening up my mind to “okay, well what kind of pictures am I going to want?” So then I was like, “okay, well let me pick something.” I had several options and so I laid it all out and I picked the one that I was thinking where the session would go.

BPB. Did you pick right?

J. I did. I did.

BPB. Did Victoria help you with your outfits a little bit?

J. She did. She gave me pointers and she showed me her pictures, which was like, “oh, okay.” She gave me pointers, lots of pointers. She helped out a lot.

BPB. That’s awesome. What do you think is the biggest transformation from today?

J. You know, I actually have more self confidence. I think walking out, I’m like, “Okay, I’m not as drab as I thought I was.”

BPB. Remember how we talked earlier today about cutting off that self judgement language. We get to cut off that language when we are looking at the beautiful images of you. It is not allowed anymore to use those words. We are loving ourselves and we are very respectful of ourselves. We are not allowed to use negative words about ourselves anymore.

BPB. That’s why you got to pick the right photographer. It has to be empowering versus slutty. Because slutty is not empowering. You want that empowering aspect. What was your favorite part about the photo session?

J. The hair and makeup. Sorry, because I never get to do them, my hair’s always in a bun and I just have mascara and my eyebrows and that’s it. So getting somebody to do my hair and my makeup it was fun.

BPB. It was fun to feel well taken care of. Do you have plans to do something fun in the evening with your hair and makeup done?

J. Not really.

BPB. Oh, come on. There’s got to be something.

J. Not really much I can do it’s COVID.

BPB. Oh, why there are still places open. So go have fun. Take him out and say, “Hey, it’s my day. Yeah?”

BPB. Awesome. Would you do this again?

J. Oh, absolutely.

BPB. Would you recommend me as a photographer?

J. Oh, absolutely. 100%. The whole group of you. Victoria is super sweet. Shaylene’s super sweet. You’re fabulous. You make me feel so comfortable. Even Heather been super, super helpful. She didn’t say much, but she’s super helpful.

But no, the whole group that you have to work together is just like Shaylene was very calming and like, “Don’t worry about it” and talked to me at first so it’s like, okay, my nerves calmed down a little more and having her do the hair and makeup, if you’re nervous, it’s calming.

BPB. Exactly. Is that the part where you felt like, “Oh, okay. I can relax about my photo session.”

J. Yeah with Shaylene. Because I was… I mean, talking with Victoria was great, but it was all over the phone or online. And so I didn’t really get to get the just of it. And then once I got here and the hair and makeup started and she was talking to me.

BPB. You started getting like, “Oh, this is real. This is happening.” Awesome. Thank you so much, Judy.

Judie went on to write us a glorious google review afterwords!

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