Miss M Testimonial

Miss M Testimonial

BPB. So tell us who you are and what we just had.

M. I’m Monica. And we just did my second ever boudoir session, but first with Katya and better than the first by far.

BPB. Yes. Awesome. Tell us, what do you think was the main reason you felt like you wanted to do another boudoir session?

M. So the last boudoir session I did, it was for somebody who didn’t really appreciate it. So this time I decided I’m going to do one for myself.

BPB For you, right?

M. Yes.

BPB. That’s so cool. What fears did you feel like you’ve been experiencing before the photo session?

M. Everything. I had nightmares about wardrobe malfunctions, about getting the wrong things from my orders, about fitting being right. Definitely, some body image issues. And I have to say that they melted all away once I got here, and once we got started, it was just fun.

BPB. Yes. Did you like your hair and makeup?

M. Oh gosh, yes. I looked in the mirror and I know she did the reveal video too, but I don’t even know who I am was. It’s so great.

BPB. That’s awesome. What do you think was your favorite part of this session?

M. Getting out of the studio area and going to some of the more dark places, that was really fun.

BPB. Yeah. Yeah. We did the staircase. We did the elevator. We did the hallway outside.

M. Yes.

BPB. Do you feel like you would want to do this again?

M. Oh, of course, maybe a couple years down the road to see the difference- Yes. … for sure, yeah.

BPB. Do you recommend Boiling Point Boudoir

M. Of course. Absolutely.

BPB. Yay. Thank you so much, Monica.

M. Thank you, Katya.

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