Top Most Frequently Asked Questions about Boudoir Photo Session Experience

What women are asking us when they inquire

The thought of a boudoir session can be scary. When talking to women about their session, we get asked all kinds of questions. So I wanted to compile a list of our most frequently asked questions to give you some insight on preparing for a boudoir session with us!

Where are you guys located at?

We are located in Norfolk  VA. While we still offer outdoor sessions on the OBX we no longer have a physical location in the Outer Banks.

Who will I get to work with at Boiling Point Boudoir Team for my photo session?

You probably will start your journey with a phone call with one of our girls Julie or Nicole they will help you out with setting up your booking with us. Jackie or Michelle will help you with your  Brainstorming consultation to help you prepare for your session. They will also be your main point of contact for any questions related to your boudoir session. Jackie, Michelle or Katya will photograph your session, creating gorgeous images that will bring your Lovegodesss forward so you can finally meet her. Heather will take over helping you select your images and will oversee retouching and product design aspect of your images, making sure everything is up to our highest standard.

What is LOVEGODESSS  philosophy that you keep talking about?

Katya Melvin created and trademarked Lovegodesss philosophy that we embody during our boudoir session. What makes our studio different is that we don’t just do Boudoir, we have an entire philosophy  around the concept of a LOVEGODESSS. Each woman has a Godesss within her and some of us are closely connected to her and some of us are very far from finding her. This Godesss is your life force energy that brings every part of you  to life. And we do just that with a boudoir session, we awaken her, we capture her on camera for you to discover and preserve her forever in your album or in a gorgeous piece of wall art that you wake up to every morning and it is the first thing you see.

We have an entire coaching program that you can enroll to be able to keep her alive  and awaken her every single day so you can live a magical life. We also are very big on community. We love connecting women who love sensual dances or different classes that we are planning to start running sometimes towards next summer.

We hold intellectual property to the Lovegodesss philosophy therefore you will not be able to receive the same level of transformation and experience anywhere else. We are very unique in how we approach our sessions.

What stands  you apart from other boudoir photography studios in the area?


We approach Boudoir sessions as transformational experience, not just a photo session, not just your artwork. You session  is about awakening your LOVEGODESSS and connecting to her again or maybe even for the first time ever. You are not just a mom, you are not just a wife –  you are a Godesss and that is exactly what you will discover going through our LOVEGODESSS Boudoir Experience. Some women are crying when they see their images because of how moving it is to actually see themselves beautiful maybe  even for the first time in their lives. We create transformation. We change lives.


We are not single standing separated and disconnected photo studio, we are integrated transformational journey that we take women on when they decide to work with us starting with their boudoir session, and ending with life coaching and transformation in life overall.

After discovering your LOVEGODESSS in your boudoir session there is a further journey that is available to our clients. It is beautiful to discover your Godesss that you  are, but how do you embody her daily? How do you keep her awakened and  present? How do you connect to her again. We have a coaching program that will take you through an embodying journey so you are able to keep her alive within yourself daily. You can continue your journey if you decide to take it further beyond your session.


Another big element that we are working on closely is the community around it. We are working on creating a local Center for Women for us to come together, be empowered and meet women who are on the same journey as you are and make friendships.


Another important aspect of what makes us unique – we  have developed a posing flow that is very custom to our studio tested and proven by hundreds of women.  We make each body type look amazing. We have a special flow for skinny girls and we have a posing system for curvy Godesesss, that will wow you when looking at your images immediately after your session. Most women  go “ wow, I am in love with myself and these images have not even been retouched yet!” That is what we hear every single time!

And did I say you don’t need to know how to pose, we will guide you on everything, including what to do with your hands, your  feet, and especially your face.


We love creating sets. Our studio is constantly adding new sets to chose from. Our stationary sets  include Light and airy window set, Fifty shades set, Old Hollywood set, Neon BDSM Dungeoun set, Boho Flower Set, Bathtub set, Shower Set, Gold Baroque Settee set, Demon Wings, Angel Wings. We also decorate a different Themed Specialty set each month to keep things new and fresh  and add variety to our studio. Normally we offer Halloween, Christmas, Fall, Valentines and Spring sets, we also do fun ones like Book nerd set  or 70 ties, so keep an eye for fun themes as we constantly keeping it updated.   


We don’t make transactions. We make friends. Besides our transformational impact that we create for our clients, we get to know our clients on a personal level. While most others photographers may send you couple of emails to remind you about your photo session and leave you alone to figure out your outfits  and everything else, such session in the end would lose customization and will end up being very generic.  Our custom hand holding personalized approach is why our clients trust us, open up to us  we end up having the best time and create customized experience for our clients. Especially in boudoir genre,  not everyone will come through the door, drop everything they wear and say, “I am here – photograph me”. In fact it is more of a trust building, hand holding process where we will walk you through ideas, we will walk you through what outfits will look best on you, we will decide on the perfect hair and makeup look together, so before the session you  are already feeling confident and ready to go meet your best friends you can trusts. We are  also keeping it very professional and high vibe. We understand it is about empowerment first and foremost. Confidence, Posititve body image, Feeling gorgeous and sometimes for the first time ever, Stunning Portraits and your custom album and wall art are just cherries on top of the cake.

Final thoughts on this subject


I hear it again and again from girls who  went to have a boudoir session with a photographer prior to us and how it has shattered their self esteem and confidence. Why? Because not every boudoir photographer is the same. And if nothing else, this is one photography genre that you must do your research.

I hear from clients that their previous experience with boudoir left them feel dirty and objectified. Some say that the photographer did not know how to pose them and they hated the images in the end. Some say that they did not feel supported through the process and felt like they were on a factory conveyor belt. Some did not receive retouching  that the images needed. I heard from past clients that their previous boudoir  photographer acted as they knew everything and refused to listen  to what client really wanted from the session therefore they did not  feel the love.  Some have not received photos from their session at all. The list could go on.

Listen up, girlfriend – Please Please Please,  Do your research! Boudoir session is very intimate and vulnerable genre that if done wrong or by the wrong person can have an opposite effect from empowerment!  Our studio primary focus is our client. When She is  in the studio we orchestrate the “best day of her life scenario” with a  feeling that the client is the most important person on Earth that day because it is all about HER transformation! She is our Godesss! Our studio consists of  all female team of empowered women and we are so passionate about our mission of awakening Godessesss in women. You can feel  our passion  from the very first phone conversation you will have with us!

Do you have outfits I can borrow from the studio closet?

We ask our clients to bring basics like  bra and panty set or one piece bodysuit.  Due to  hygiene  and proper fitting reasons we ask our clients to bring their own intimates. Besides that, yes, we have a lot of  accessories such as  lacy cover-ups and kimonos, shoes and jewelry, harnesses and some BDSM props. We have a Brainstorming Consultation included into your experience where we will help you with deciding what to bring for your session. We will guide you to select outfits for your session that  properly  highlight your favorite areas on the body and hide all self conscious  areas we don’t want to show. We will most likely recommend a couple of one piece body suits or matching bra and panty sets. We do not recommend coresets as they stiften the figure and too bulky to allow for good posing. We also ask to stay away from babydolls. A common misconception that women  have is they want to hide behind fabric because they feel insecure, it is also the most common thing to see at stores. However for photography purposes, it gives a woman more visual  bulk in camera which is the opposite from the effect we are working on achieving with our special flattering poses that we have uniquely developed  for our clients that work for any body shape. 

Do you share my images?

After seeing your images you will decide whether you would allow us to share your images in full, in part, privately or none at all. Our number 1 priority is making sure our clients are comfortable, especially with boudoir! It can be a life changing experience, but that also makes it nerve wracking! Sometimes, you are learning how to love your body and you aren’t quite ready to share the images with the world, or sometimes these photos are specifically for your spouse and aren’t for anyone else’s eyes! We only share what you are comfortable with!

Do I have to wear lingerie?

You definitely don’t have to specifically wear lingerie, it depends on your personality! There are a BUNCH of outfit ideas other than lacy little things! We help you make an individual  plan for your session during our video consultation appointment after which you will have exact idea what to wear for your session to reflect your personality, what hair and makeup look we will be going for, what props to bring to create the mood or the concept that you would like to bring forward with your session.

As long as you bring your body we can make it look amazing and classy even naked.  Besides that we photograph White sheets, Sports jerseys,  Button up  shirts paired with ties, Wet see through white tank tops, Knee high warm stockings and coffee mugs and  even American Flags.  How about those ideas to start with to think outside and  beyond lingerie.

Do you have payment plans?

We offer PRE –  payment options! There is a booking retainer to book your session, and the balance is due 1 month  before the date of the session! If you want more time to be able to pay off your balance, you can schedule it a few months out, and pay it off in payment installments! Let us know if this is something you want to set up!

Is hair and makeup included?

Hair and makeup is included in all of our boudoir sessions!  its really important for you to feel pampered, and having your hair and makeup done is a great way to do that! Our amazing team can help you complete your look, whether that’s “I just woke up like this” or Full on glam! You can bring any ideas you want for your makeup and we can  use it for inspiration!

Do you Photoshop my images?

Yes, we retouch your selected images for skin smoothing, cellulite, scar and acne. Additional common requests are to flatten the belly or slim arms. We certainly can do that.

We show you your images immediately after your session and at that point we will look at images straight from the camera and select your favorites for retouching.  We will make notations on any specific requests  you have at that time.

Most women fall in love with their images as is, so a lot of times no special requests are made and we simply retouch for skin.

In some cases when a client comes in and is seeking to love imperfections, we will make sure to leave the imperfect perfection  in for you so you can  embrace the fullness of you.

Where should I buy outfits?

There are a few places to buy outfits from and it depends on what you are getting and the style of your shoot! Here is a long list to choose from with different style and sizing! Victoria’s Secret, Forever21,, Torrid,, Aerie,,, If you’re looking for something specific that you can’t find, let us know and we might know where to get it!

What type of print products do you have?

We offer a variety of Luxury Albums and folio boxes with matted portraits in them. We also have an interior design department and we help clients with creating their own one of a kind unique Wall Art Arrangements  for their bedroom, Master closet or Bathroom.  

Most of our clients get a package before their session that includes our Diamond Cover  album to keep for themselves,  a Piece of Wall art to wake up to every morning, Mini  Black book for him as a gift, digital versions of images  that they can re-print or share. And after seeing their images on the day of their session they upgrade to a bigger album and add on a custom Wall arrangement for their Bedroom that we will come and install for them when ready.  

One of our clients has shared with us,   “I absolutely love the feel of picking up a physical print, it’s so surreal to see yourself like that! 50 glorious and glossy pages from the boudoir session  that I flip through myself every chance I get. I think I look at them more than he does. It’s a daily reminder that my self-image has completely changed after having my boudoir session.”—Holly, on her experience at her boudoir session!

Do you offer digitals?

We do. Our pricing is set on a per image basis and you can select whether  you would like a printed format or digital format.  Our digital versions can be printed up to 8×10. However most clients go for Printed format or  packages that include a combination of both. We go over products and packages during your video consultation in detail that way you know the exact difference in what is included and will be able to see what our gorgeous albums look like.

I’m freaking out! How can I calm my nerves?

Nerves are all part of the experience! I always say that it would probably be weird if you WEREN’T nervous. The nervousness in the beginning of your session make your moment of “WOW” seeing your photos for the first time so much better!

How many outfits should I bring?

This depends on your package and your session. Our Limited Theme sessions come with  1 set and one  outfit, our Individual Half Day sessions come with  2 sets/looks/ outfits, our Full Day sessions come with up to 4 Looks. We help you prepare for your session and talk more on this during our video consultation. However general rule of thumb if unsure   to bring more if you can’t decide and we will help you decide at your session!

Can I bring my friend to my session?

Actually, No. Our team of women creates very individualized experience for you only and bringing another person to your session can ruin that for you. We want full attention on you (not your friend). We want you to have your personal transformation ( not your friend steal the joy from you). Transformation only happens when you are alone, because it is deeply moving intimate  experience. Therefore we don’t allow friends, boyfriend or husbands to be present at your session. I understand that you might want to bring a friend for support, just trust us. That is the purpose behind trust building process that is part of your experience, that we become your friends, who will service you, honor you as Godesss,  in the higher, most transformational way possible. 

In the past we had situations where friends were jealous and made bitter comments. We are very protective of a sacred space we create for our clients during the day of their session and therefore we don’t allow anyone else in that space that we have worked on building together.

Please keep in mind we don’t allow kids at the studio either. Please make babysitting arrangements. 

Besides being protective of the sacred space for our clients, there are other reasons that we are unable to bring friends in.

We are limited on space and due to the fact that sessions last 4 hours and up we do not have space to accommodate an additional person in the studio. We move the furniture all the time and require every bit of space to be available for work.

Liability Insurance does not cover an additional person you are bringing to the studio and therefore we are unable to invite them in.

Can my husband or boyfriend join me for the viewing of the images?

We make an exception for husbands or boyfriends and they are invited for the viewing. We actually require their presence if they are responsible for payment in full or in part for your order. Couple of things we want to make sure we check  with  you before you bring him in. He needs to be fully supportive of you and your decision to do a boudoir session. He should see boudoir experience as empowering not degrading. ( And yes we still have to train guys to see sexuality of a woman in a empowering, not objectifying way). He needs to be fully aware of pricing and what your boudoir experience included and why it was important  to you. If he meets all criteria above, he is welcome to join you in. Very often girls who are tied to his budget want to add more images at their viewing, finding out  the need to ask him to add more images. If he is not present at the viewing, this presents a challenge, because he is unable to see what you see and lacks the perception of why these images are amazing and why you want them. That is why we encourage you to make arrangements for him to be present in advance.   Besides that, he will get to see all your sexy images and will get to participate in helping you select best ones.

Should I get to my session early?

You should always plan on getting to your session about 10 minutes early

Are there other questions we did not cover? Lets talk. Schedule your complementary phone call with us here

Our group on Facebook is a place for women to talk about boudoir photography, it’s a safe place for women to lift each other up and encourage one another.

If you are a client or thinking about doing a session this is a place to be. We also run contest a special sales in our group from time to time and you don’t want to miss that!

Ready to experience how transformational a boudoir session can be for you?

The next step is to schedule a complementary phone call with our girls so we can go over how experience works, what is included into your session, answer your questions and see if we are meant for each other!