Laurie’s Testimonial

Laurie’s Testimonial

BPB. All right, and it’s on. Tell me who you are.

L. I’m Laurie.

BPB. And what kind of session did we just have?

L. We did a boudoir session?

BPB. Tell me why you felt that this was the right time to have a boudoir session.

L. Getting ready to turn 50 in a couple months. So I just wanted to do something out of my comfort zone and something crazy.

BPB. Have you ever done boudoir session before?

L. No, this is the first.

BPB. This was the first. Okay. So probably had all sorts of fear or thoughts going through your head about doing a session like that?

L. I didn’t have any fear. I was just a little self conscious about my belly area.

BPB. You were afraid that maybe they won’t look good in that particular area?

L. Yes. Because, you see a lot of skinny girls doing boudoirs. You don’t really get to see the average female, whether they be thick or big

BPB. So do you feel like, with you being self conscious, did that come true? Did you see certain things? How did you like your images?

L. I loved them all.

You made me feel really good about my myself. The way you did the images. The way you did the props and stuff.

BPB. What did you think was the most transformational effect for you from today?

L. I think everything. From makeup to doing this, because I’ve never had a professional makeup artist do my makeup. So Shea was really excellent and I love her to death.

BPB. Yes. I know everyone does. Well, that’s awesome. Were you afraid to come in here and feel out of place or feel, “Oh my God, what am I signing up for?” Or were you comfortable?

L. I was comfortable. You made it comfortable. Just your personality is phenomenal. I have to give a shout out to Victoria because through the whole process of deciding on outfits and makeup and all that. She does a really good job.

BPB. And that was an important part of the process for you as well?

L. Yes. As far as preparing for the session.

BPB. So would you do it again?

L. Hell yes.

BPB. Would you recommend us as a photographer?

L. Yes, I sure would.

BPB. Thank you.

Our group on Facebook is a place for women to talk about boudoir photography, it’s a safe place for women to lift each other up and encourage one another.

If you are a client or thinking about doing a session this is a place to be. We also run contest a special sales in our group from time to time and you don’t want to miss that!

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