Melody’s Session

BPB. All right. Tell us who you are.

M. I am Melodie Zeiler.

BPB. And what did we just finish?

M. We just finished my birthday boudoir shoot.

BPB. Yes. how exciting. So tell me about it. Was it everything you expected?

M. Yes. I was very nervous coming in, but y’all made me feel so comfortable, and it’s such a chill, relaxed atmosphere, and I felt so comfortable, and I felt really sexy.

BPB. Yay.

M. And I felt like I didn’t even like recognize myself with my hair, my makeup. And I just felt really pretty and really like in awe. It was a big confidence boost.

BPB. Yeah, why did you feel like you wanted to do a boudoir session? Was it like a present for your birthday?

M. Kind of. It was mainly a confidence boost for myself. I wanted to see myself in a more sexy light. I wanted to look at myself and go, “Damn, you look good.” So, yeah, it was mainly that.

BPB. Yes. Did it work that way for you?

M. Yes. I was looking at those pictures, and I was like, “Who are you?”

BPB. What was your favorite part of the day?

M. I think looking at myself in the mirror for the first time when I got my hair and makeup done and just everyone hyping me up. Yeah, that was awesome.

BPB. What were your fears going into this?

M. That I would hate my pictures, that I would look at myself and go, “Oh my God, you look terrible.” Like, I wouldn’t like my facial expressions or the way my body was. No, like, you know what you’re doing? Yeah, it was complete opposite.

BPB. Oh, that’s awesome.

BPB. Would you do it again?

M. Absolutely.

BPB. Yay!

M. In a heartbeat.

BPB. Thank you. Thank you.

M. Absolutely.

Melody went on writing us a glorious review!!

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