Miss N Testimonial

Miss N Testimonial

BPB. All right, tell us who you are and what you just did.

N. I am Nicole Franklin and I just did a very awesome boudoir session with Ms. Katia. Yeah, it was pretty awesome. I was really surprised, from the moment we started, I came up here and we started doing my hair and makeup right away, and me and Shea actually bonded. We both grew up riding horses, so it was an hour and a half or two hours and it felt like five minutes because we were just-


… talking like girls. There was not a single awkward moment in the conversation whatsoever.

I was totally shocked with my hair and makeup. I’ve only had lashes put on one other time and it was not for anything like this, and she just got the hair perfect. I mean, we were talking about it and she’s like, “So what do you want with your makeup?” And I was like, “Really bold eyes.” And I was super nervous about doing a really bold lip because I have such really small lips, and she’s like, “Yeah, not a problem.”

She said “A lot of people say that, but I’m going to leave you with this bold color to put on throughout your session, if you want to… You don’t have to,” which I ended up doing and it was awesome and I wish I’d done it earlier.

But we were… She was just kind of starting on my hair and she’s like, “Oh, so what are we doing here?” She’s like, “I was thinking kind of volumous curls.” It was like she read my mind, so very intuitive, very on point with that.

BPB. What was your favorite part about your session?

N. Oh, the favorite part was definitely my gun belt and my hat. Well really, it was because you went totally crazy when I came out and you were like, “Oh my God!” I knew it was going to be awesome because she was just so stoked about it, she was so excited. She’s like, “This is freaking amazing!” So I was like, “Oh yeah, we’re about to make some magic happen right here.”

BPB. Yes, that we did.

N. Yeah, that was definitely… We saved the best part for the last and that was awesome.

BPB. What were your fears before your session?

N. I was super afraid of just not flowing with the photographer and getting that plastic face that I mentioned to you… My mom used to do photography, not nearly at this capacity, but she would always take pictures of me, a million of them, and I would get so bored with it, I would just have a doll face, you know…

BPB. Yeah, my son does that too.

N. Yeah, you know exactly what I’m talking about. So I was really worried about that, and then just my lips in general. I’ve seen some of these images that are on the group and these women have these beautiful, gorgeous lipstick lips, and I just don’t.

My boyfriend and I, or my fiance and I, we joke all the time, he calls me chicken lips because I made it up, because he has these beautiful girl lips, and I’m like, “I wish I had your lips,” and he thinks I’m being mean, so he’s like “Chicken lips, whatever, blah blah blah.”

So I made this up for myself because I was like, “Oh, well I have a beak. I don’t have lips.” So I was super worried that the images with my mouth being open and everything else just weren’t going to look right, because I was so worried about my lips and my mouth being weird.

BPB. So many women do mention their lips as being areas of concern, so it’s interesting. Some women worried about their teeth, some women worried about the lips. So, did it come true?

N. No, not at all. I was actually really shocked at how many pictures I liked where my mouth was just barely opened or my teeth were just barely showing. I was actually really surprised because I was like, “Oh man, I don’t know about this,” and kept closing my mouth. She’s like, “Open your mouth.” So I was really worried, but the pictures are just really hard to pick… Because there’s so many good ones.

BPB. That’s a good problem to have.

N. Yeah, I have a happy problem for sure. But I was worried about my mouth and then I was really worried about my shoulders because I work out a lot and I have to stay in shape for my job and stuff like that, and usually when I wear dresses and things, I just feel like a man in a dress because my shoulders are so broad.

BPB. Got you.

And like I-

Don’t even bother, I’ve seen you naked.

N. She did, she saw me naked.

BPB. Yeah, you’re not at all… Man in a dress… Not even close.

N. Yeah. I usually shy away from spaghetti straps and stuff like that. I didn’t even… That wasn’t even a concern of mine throughout this whole shoot. That was the last thing on my mind. Mostly it was making sure I didn’t break my neck in those heels

N. Yes, I was like all right, just tread carefully.

Walk an inch ahead…

BPB. What do you think has the most transformational effect from this that you’ve experienced from today?

N. Just realizing when I looked at my makeup and my hair, I said, “oh my God, I’m a grown woman.” I’m 25, I’m really young compared to the most of the world, and I think, my grandma, she always says, “oh, she’s a sweet girl or she’s a sweet…” this or that

…. I was like, I am woman! I am a woman and I’m becoming a woman today.

So I feel like I really became a woman today… and I’m not just a girl.

BPB Embraced your kind of a sexual… seductive side in yourself.

N. Absolutely. Yeah. Definitely. .

Yeah. That was definitely a huge transformation.

BPB. Would you do it again?

N. Absolutely, oh God, yes. In a heartbeat. Yeah.

BPB. Would you recommend me as a photographer?

N. Absolutely. Yeah, she’s… You have such a knack for lighting and she catches you in moments that she’s “Whoa! Go back to that.” Like she doesn’t waste a good shot, if that makes sense. She doesn’t miss a good shot.

BPB. Yeah, we got the seductive eye… with power.

N. Yes, finally! She was like, “Oh God, do it again!” I was like “What?” But yeah.

BPB. Awesome. Well, thank you so much.

N. Thank you, I had a blast. Thanks.

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