Trish’s Session

BPB. All right. Tell us who you are.

T. My name is Trish.

BPB. And what did we just finish?

T. We just did a fantastic photo shoot. I absolutely loved it.

BPB. Awesome. What was your favorite part about doing a photo shoot?

T. Feeling empowered. Feeling I’m somebody important.

BPB. Okay. That’s awesome. What was the reason you wanted to do this?

T. I just wanted to do it for me, for my self-esteem, for me. Something that I can say, “Hey, this is me.”

BPB. And remember you said, “We’re not getting any younger.”

T. That’s true. We’re not getting any younger.

BPB. So it’s very important. And what else did … did I hear that you and Shalene said, “Oh, I wish I had done it when I was 20.”

T. Wish I had done it a long time ago. Absolutely.

BPB. What were your fears going into this?

T. I think just coming in and doing a photo shoot like this, it’s kind of scary. I have to say I was very nervous initially. But you made it very easy.

BPB. Were you afraid that you’re not going to like the images?

T. I was afraid of what I would see on the other side, in the pictures.

BPB. That It wouldn’t stand up to your expectations.

T. Right, right.

BPB. So I assume that didn’t happen.

T. No.

BPB. Did your fears come true?

T. No. The images are awesome.

BPB. That’s awesome. What was your favorite part of the actual photo session day itself? Was it the makeup? Was it the photo shoot? Was it seeing the images?

T. It was nice being pampered. It was very nice having somebody to do my hair and makeup.

Like I told her this morning, I said, “Man, I didn’t have to do anything to come in. I just threw some clothes on.”

BPB. Yep, exactly. That’s all we want you to do. Just come in.

T. It was fun.

BPB. Yes. Would you do it again?

T. Absolutely.

BPB. Would you recommend us as a photographer?

T. Yes, highly recommended.

BPB. Awesome. Thank you, Trish.

T. You’re welcome.

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